Forecasting Credible Futures

Triple Point specializes in developing custom economic and financial models. Focus areas are renewable energy, sustainable tourism, affordable housing, health assessments, finance, and environment.

Data for Optimal Decisions

Triple Point delivers economic and environmental data you can actually trust with a narrative you will understand. Make the best decisions.

Research for Results

Knowledge and insight create options. Triple Point finds the best path forward. Results matter.

What We Do


Triple Point conducts economic impact, fiscal, and socioeconomic assessments for the development, planning, and permitting of utility-scale renewable energy projects.


Mountain and resort communities are experiencing rapid housing price increases of both for-sale and rental properties. The intersection of supply and demand is the equilibrium price.


Quantify the economic benefits and environmental impacts for the purpose of creating optimal marketing and management strategies by evaluating alternative proposals.


Uncover the narrative of your community’s health trends and trajectory. Understand the underlying problems by gathering and organizing the right data to identify true solutions.


From municipal and non-profit budgeting to large-scale development, Triple Point will build a custom model of your business so you can make the right decisions.


As demand for western water becomes more scare, water consumption and allocation modeling inform investment, economic development policy, and optimal land use.

Why Work with Triple Point?

Triple Point Strategic Consulting offers solutions to complex challenges such as housing economics, renewable energy and estimating future outcomes from sparse data. Clients use our expertise, structure, and planning to maximize their marketing budgets, communicate their messages, and to compete at the highest level.

Whether assigning airline capacity to match passenger demand, conducting feasibility studies for commercial investments, or allocating tracts of forest land across multiple uses, Triple Point is your optimal solution.

Who We Are

Jeff Moffett

Jeff Moffett

Principal, Triple Point Strategic Consulting LLC

Jeff has thirty years of experience working in the fields of business development, economic forecasting,
destination marketing, resource allocation, and political strategy. Jeff began his career amidst the Pacific
Northwest forestry controversies optimizing land uses over time for both wildlife habitat and timber

Today, Triple Point Strategic Consulting is active across the western United States and Canada modeling
for scenario planning, financial forecasting, permitting and approvals, optimal resource allocation,
economic development, and improved decision-making. Economic impact studies are conducted using
the IMPLAN model.