Beaver Mountain, UT

Beaver Mountain is several miles west of Garden City, just south of the Idaho state line. The resort offers Utah’s famous powder snow and a down-to-Earth vacation experience that is all about skiing. Garden City rests on the shores of beautiful Bear Lake, nicknamed the “Caribbean of the Rockies.” Expedia’s Viewfinder blog recently claimed Garden City the most beautiful town in Utah.
Beaver Mountain and Garden City desired to grow their winter tourism economy and retained Triple Point Strategic Consulting for that purpose. Although snow was in short supply throughout the winter of 2017/18, Triple Point concentrated marketing efforts and coordinated community partners. The result was a 20% increase in the Garden City’s winter transient occupancy tax revenues (TOT) over the previous winter.
Garden City lodging consists of a variety of condominium and vacation rental homes. The Bear Lake Valley offers hundreds of miles of world-class snowmobile trails.

TPSC services include:

  • Market research
  • Data-driven marketing plan development
  • Sales and distribution channel development
  • Economic analysis