South Fork Boise River Diversion Project

Elmore County, Idaho is planning to construct the South Fork Boise River Diversion Project, a pump station and pipeline to divert water from the South Fork Boise River at Anderson Ranch Reservoir. The water would be delivered via existing canals to existing aquifer recharge locations near Mountain Home, Idaho.

As a subcontractor to Panorama Environmental, Triple Point will conduct a socioeconomic assessment of Elmore County, Idaho with focus on employment, incomes, and housing. A resource inventory will summarize existing land uses. The economic benefits arising from the capital construction expenditure will be conducted. Labor and other resource requirements will be evaluated in the context of the socioeconomic information to assess the project’s feasibility.

The study also provides an analysis and estimate of the incremental development potential in and around Mountain Home resulting from the additional water supply. The IMPLAN model is used to evaluate the relationship between water use and economic development.